To apply for new membership or renew your membership, please print the <membership application form> and complete both pages. Completed forms should be brought to your first Guild Meeting with a check for dues, payable to "RNQG". For other membership information, contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Membership Information

RNQG has a membership limit of 150. There are three different categories of membership : Full, Associate, and Subscriber. Different rights and responsibilities are associated with each membership category. These are summarized below.

Full members are required to attend at least three (3) general guild meetings per year. They are expected to attend and support guild activities, which may include serving on Guild subcommittees, participating in Guild charity projects, or volunteering to work on the biennial Guild Quilt Show. They are eligible to vote and serve in any office on the Guild Board. The privileges of full membership include receipt of the periodic Guild Newsletter and priority over other membership categories and non-members in reserving a seat in Guild Workshops. They are entitled to submit up to three (3) pieces to the Guild Quilt Show.

The cost of Full Membership is $45 per year. 

Associate members are former full members who desire a lower level of involvement with the Guild. As specified in the guild constitution, the option to downgrade membership status is available only if the Guild is considered to be at full capacity.  This means new associate memberships will only be accepted when the guild has exactly  150 members.  Members previously granted associate membership are grandfathered;  that is, they retain associate status without regard to the current membership level.

Associate members may attend up to two (2) general guild meetings per year. They are welcome to attend additional general guild meetings, but are assessed the "guest" fee for each. They may not hold offices on the Guild Board and do not have voting privileges. Associate members receive the periodic Guild Newsletter and may participate in Guild Workshops, though they have a lower priority than Full Members in reserving a seat in a workshop. Associate members are limited to submission of one (1) piece to the biennial Guild Quilt Show.

The cost of Associate Membership is $25 per year.

Subscribers are individuals who wish to receive the periodic Guild Newsletter but are not Guild members. They have no rights or responsibilities within the guild.

The annual cost to be a Subscriber is $10.