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Walpole Public Library

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15 Guild Meeting 7:15 - 9PM

Guest Speaker: Carol Anne Grotrian
Topic:  "Quilts With a View: New Landscape Traditions"

18 Workshop 9:30AM - 4PM Ann's Fabrics
Teacher:  Carol Anne Grotrian
Project: Session 1 -- Start a Picture Quilt


November 15, 2017                7:15 – 9PM                     Norfolk County Agricultural HS

Carol Anne Grotrian                            Website: carolannegrotrian.com
Topic: “Quilts with a View: New Landscape Traditions”

grotrianAmerican artists have naturally turned to the land for inspiration. This lecture touches on the appearance of landscape in antique quilts, looks at the diverse views and viewpoints of contemporary quilters and, on a personal note, includes a few of Carol Anne Grotrian’s landscape quilts both as projected images and in person.

Carol Anne is a Massachusetts resident who has combined traditional quilting and shibori dyeing for over 30 years. She believes the organic patterns of shibori helped her find her voice in landscape quilts. Over the years, landscape has provided abundant inspiration and challenges, giving her more ideas for quilts than she has time to complete. Her quilts are usually portraits of specific places and times and often create memories of the “breathing spaces” she has experienced. They are a careful abstract balance of shape and color overlaid with line—the quilted stitches. She is grateful that the struggle to make art decisions is balanced by the physical labor of fabric dyeing and the calm of stitching.



Nov 18, 2017 AND Feb 3*, 2018    9:30 AM – 4PM                 Ann’s Fabrics, Canton        Fee: $130
*Snow Date, February 10, 2018

Carol Ann Grotrian

Saturday Workshop: Snapshot: Start a Picture Quilt


Learn how to create fabric pictures — landscape, still life, etc. — from photographs!

Day 1 of the workshop (November 18, 2017) will teach you how to use simple tools like photocopies and tracing paper to adapt the photo of your choice to a quilt-friendly design. At the end of this session, you will have a paper “sketch” of your project, and may have time to begin selecting fabrics that will bring the image to life.

On Day 2 of class (February 3, 2018), students reassemble to fuse together their fabric sketches.



Advance preparation for this class is REQUIRED. Please refer to the workshop supply list for details.

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