It takes many volunteers to run a successful organization and, as we have been told over countless years, "Many hands make light work".

The following list outlines ways in which you can get involved and thereby help the guild achieve its goals.


1) Make a lap-sized charity quilt or attend a Sew-a-Thon.

Charity quilts are presented to cancer patients to keep them comfortable during chemotherapy.  They may be any design, but must have a flannel backing.   A typical size is 48" X 54".  Scheduled sew-a-thons are listed on the guild calendar page.

2) Take part in the governance of the guild.

The following is the list of positions defined within the RNQG Board.  Click on a job title to see a description of the tasks associated with the position.

According to our constitution, only full RNQG members are eligible to vote and serve in any office of the board.  Nominations are submitted to the board in March;  elections are usually held in April.  If you are interested in matters concerning operation of the guild, let any current board member know how you would like to assist.



Standing Committees