October 2012


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Guild Meeting

7:30 - 9PM

Italian-American Club
Guest Speaker: Debbie Wendt
Topic: "The Tentmakers of Cairo"



9:30AM -4PM

All About Quilts
"Children Can Quilt"
Teacher:  JoAnn Borges

20 Quilt-a-Thon 8AM - 4PM UUAC Sherborn
30 Board Meeting 6:30 - 8PM Walpole Public Library





October 17, 2012      7:30 - 9 PM     Italian-American Club, Walpole

Debbie Wendt           Website:  http://www.wendtquilting.com/
Lecture:  "The Tentmakers of Cairo"


Quilt by Tentmaker of CairoTent making is an ancient craft traditionally passed down from father to son in Cairo’s Street of Tentmakers. This “avenue” is one of the city’s last remaining ancient streets with a roof.

Traditionally Cairo’s tents were plain on the outside. Upon entering, one was greeted with floor to ceiling coverings filled with the exquisite patterns, colors and textures of painstakingly hand appliquéd cloth. Tent making is said to be a dying art -- there used to be thousands of men creating the appliqué but this has gradually dwindled to little more than a hundred.

Debbie’s lecture / trunk show features tentmaker works that she purchased during her residence in Egypt, as well as photos of more recent work that was on display this year at the Festival of Quilts show in Birmingham, England.


Debbie Wendt



A home economics teacher by profession, Debbie began quilting in 1986 after taking a Continuing Education class.  Her quilting passion grew during the eight years that she lived in Egypt. With teaching quilting now her favorite pastime, her students include expats as well as Egyptians and Sudanese refugees living in Cairo.






October 20, 2012    9:30AM - 4 PM   All About Quilts

JoAnn Borges
Workshop:  "Children Can Quilt"

Class SampleIf there’s a child in your life that you would like to “infect” with the quilting bug, this is a prime opportunity! JoAnn is a longtime quilter who enjoys teaching and inspiring people, and watching students become excited about quilting.  The project requires only 9 fat quarters and generates a baby-sized quilt.


JoAnn’s sewing career began (like many of us) with garments. She made her first quilt at age 17 – the source of her fabric was her Mother’s old wool skirts and jumpers, which she cut into 6” squares using a cardboard template and household scissors. She took her first quilting lessons in the late 1970’s (before the invention of rotary cutters!) but credits a leader of a 1990s group she joined at a Swansea quilt store for giving her the knowledge of basic quilting skills and techniques.



Please Note:

All children enrolled in the class must be between the ages of 6 and 16 and have previous experience using a sewing machine. No one under the age of 12 will be allowed to use a rotary cutter.


Bring a cushion, large book or booster of some sort if your child is short.


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